KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Practice Recommendations for Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease


The Work Group appreciates the careful review of the draft guidelines and suggestions for improvement by external reviewers. Each comment was carefully considered and, whenever possible, suggestions for change were incorporated into the final report. As a result, the KDOQI Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease guidelines is the product of the Work Group, the Evidence Review Team, the NKF, and all those who contributed their effort to improve the Guidelines.

The following individuals provided written review of the draft guidelines: Nihal Younis Abosaif, MD, Harith Aljebory, MD, Beth Ann Avanzado, BSN, RN, CNN, George R. Bailie, PharmD, PhD, Beth Bandor McCarthy, RN, Vinod K. Bansal, MD, Sally Burrows-Hudson, MS, RN, Carlos A. Caramelo, Dennis Cotter, MSE, Daniel W. Coyne, MD, Robert E. Cronin, Veta Cumbaa, RN, BA, CCA, Mike Cunningham, Neval Duman, MD, Earl J. Dunnigan, MD, FACP, Briggett C. Ford, Cheryl Gilmartin, PharmD, Marc Giovannini, Takanobu Imada, Atul V. Ingale, MD, Mark Kasselik, MD, Pam Kimball, MD, Janice Knouff, RN, BS, Chn, Craig B. Langman, MD, David J. Leehey, MD, Nathan W. Levin, MD, FACP, Yao-Lung Liu, MD, Francesco Locatelli, MD, Gerard M. London, MD, Victor Lorenzo, MD, Samir G. Mallat, MD, FASN, Donna Mapes, DNSc, MS, Luz Maria Munoz, Aletha Matsis, BSN, RN, CNN, Seiichi Matsuo, MD, Marva M. Moxey-Mims, MD, Andrew S. Narva, MD, Suzanne Norby, MD, Nancy J. Pelfrey, MSN, NP, Allen G. Peplinski, Suanna Petroff, Luana Pillon, MD, Francesco Pizzarelli, MD, Karthik Ranganna, MD, Pawan Rao, MD, Anton C. Schoolwerth, MD, FAHA, Douglas Schram, MD, Stephen Seliger, MD, Surendralal Shah, MD, Amita Sharma, MD, Bhupinder Singh, MD, Leah Smith, Stephanie J. Stewart, MSW, Rachel L. Sturdivant, MD, David Tovbin, MD, Edgar V. Lerma, MD, FACP, FASN, Lynne S. Weiss, Cheryl Weller, LCSW, Nanette Wenger, MD, Joseph W. Eschbach, MD, David C. Wheeler, MD, FRCP, Holly Whitcombe, MBA, CFRE,Yu Yang, Karen Yeates, MD, MPH.

Participation in the review does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the content of the report by the individuals or the organization or institution they represent.

The National Kidney Foundation, as well as the Work Group, would like to recognize the support of Amgen for the development of the Guidelines. The National Kidney Foundation is proud to partner with Amgen on this important initiative